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Media Sandwich Episode 5

Firefilm | 1 Feb 2012 17:00
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This week the guys admit that they don't know everything.

Episode 5: The Top 5 of Everything (Number 1): On today's unexpected episode, Chris and Kyle make the best of a missed connection. While they may not have Egoraptor at this very second, they still have each other and their lists of favorite things. This round they get to cover favorite TV shows, TV characters, and videogames (though nothing too recent of course because look at their haircuts and tell me they can afford nice things).

For next time, they will once again attempt to wrangle the elusive Egoraptor and hopefully catch him before he runs off to animate another great episode of Sequalitis.

In the mean time, we're going to test phase one of Operation: Get Fillion. Remember to send Kyle a George Carlin quote on his twitter, found at @kylemartinak, at exactly noon Pacific Time on Thursday the 2nd. We can get Fillion if we all work together!

Also, you can find Chris on Twitter at @Chris_ToyTma or join the Media Sandwich Facebook group right now! So go get a sandwich!

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