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Media Sandwich Episode 6

Firefilm | 15 Feb 2012 17:00
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This week Egoraptor joins them for zany antics.

Episode 6: Egosandwich: On today's extremely exciting episode, Arin Hanson, better known as Egoraptor from Newgrounds and YouTube (the Awesome Series and Sequelitis), is kind enough to take some time off of ... doin' stuff to hang out with Chris and Kyle. They get to talk about video games and how to solve them, and they even debate sandwich preferences. You know, like you'd expect a show called Media Sandwich to do. A good time is had by all, except for children and conservative parents as, well, it's Egoraptor, so hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

However! Operation: Get Fillion has moved into Phase 2. That means we need you, that's right you, to tweet to Nathan Fillion himself at exactly Noon Pacific time on Thursday the 16th, Friday the 17th, and Saturday the 18th. Give him a link to this episode, say we're cool guys, that we want him on our podcast, whatev, and include the hashtag #OperationFillionSandwich if you feel like it.

Fillion's Twitter is @NathanFillion

Oh, and Chris' Twitter is @Chris_ToyTma and Kyle's is @kylemartinak

Together we can Get Fillion!

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