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Media Sandwich Episode 7

Firefilm | 29 Feb 2012 17:00
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This week, Lisa Foiles stops by.

Episode 7: Best Friend Lisa: In this week's episode, Lisa Foiles, current Internet It Girl and good friends of Chris and Kyle stops by to talk with ... well with Chris and Kyle. They get a chance to learn what she's be up to lately, discuss why Chris' lack of Tim Schafer love may hinder their continued friendship, and even have a visit from Nick Cage.

In other news, Operation: Get Fillion is still in Phase 2. We're going to collectively tweet to Nathan Fillion at exactly 11 am Pacific time on Thursday the 1st to try and catch him in a good mood. Remember, the key is synchronization! Give him the link to this episode and include the hashtag #OperationFillionSandwich if you feel like it.

Fillion's Twitter is @NathanFillion

Chris' Twitter is @Chris_ToyTma and Kyle's is @kylemartinak

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