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Media Sandwich Episode 9

Firefilm | 28 Mar 2012 17:00
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A boy's club no more. They guys invite Nostalgia Chick onto the podcast to help answer questions.

Episode 9: The Most Competent Podcast Ever: Today is a very special time on Media Sandwich, as is every time we have new guests of course. Chris gets excited as he brings on Team NChick, which includes the Nostalgia Chick (Lindsay Ellis) and her two best friends Nella and Elisa. The group of five ends up answering quite a lot of listener questions and topics, which just goes to show that it pays to send those in!

Speaking of which, Chris and Kyle will be back next time with Daniel O'Brien from Cracked in what's looking to be a very pop culture-filled episode. Have questions for that? Leave them here and wait a few weeks! And while you're waiting, hey, don't forget to listen to this episode, plus check out the Nostalgia Chick's videos at!

Once again, thanks to Jonathan Tiberious for this week's intro!

Chris' Twitter is @Chris_ToyTma and Kyle's is @kylemartinak

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