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Media Sandwich Episode 11

Firefilm | 25 Apr 2012 17:00
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This week the guys welcome a very special guest to the show.

Episode 11: Family Time: On our very special Episode 11, which comes around only so often, Chris and Kyle decided it would be best to do something extra special, so not only is Daniel Epstein, No Right Answer's cameraman, editor, and all-around hilarious guy joining the two, but so is Jim Pranger, who just so happens to be Chris' dad. The four sit around and talk about projects they're working on, memories about the show, and you just might hear a dramatic reading if you pay close attention, which I'm sure you will!

Jim's game, Truequest, can be found here: Website | Kickstarter

Chris' story: Eclipse Star

Chris' Twitter is @Chris_ToyTma and Kyle's is @kylemartinak

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