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Media Sandwich Episode 14

Firefilm | 6 Jun 2012 17:00
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This week the Media Sandwich crew appears as a guest on their own podcast. Confusion abounds.

Episode 14: The Keys to Papa Club's Show: On today's very special and unorthodox episode, Chris and Kyle are joined by Chase, Watson, and Jason of The Red Shirt Crew for something a little different. As they had previously had some trouble finding a place to host their next podcast episode, Chris suggested that they do a crossover and in the process, let he and Kyle be the guest on their podcast. Except it'd count as a Media Sandwich episode! Mind blown? Yes, quite! Learn about the joys of proper media storage, the ills of Fallout 3, and the savagery that is the Laser Tag world. And hey, you get to hear more from some cool guys that aren't just Chris and Kyle, so how can you lose?

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