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Media Sandwich Episode 20

Firefilm | 28 Aug 2012 09:00
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Lost In Thought: On today's relaxing episode of Media Sandwich, Chris and Kyle share a quiet moment before PAX Prime 2012 to talk a little bit about the upcoming expo, as well as the Escapist Expo that Chris will be attending.

In this lengthy episode about essentially nothing, the placid pair talk about Lost, some poor and not-so-poor endings of sitcoms, what comics they're currently reading, and even spill their actual Pax plans. What are they? Why, Escapist Movie Night on Friday at 10:30 pm! Also, filming live No Right Answer footage as they feel like it and recording a live Media Sandwich episode sometime Saturday afternoon in an obvious, high-traffic area. Woo, what a shindig this'll be! Come give them and Dan a hug when you see 'em!

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