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Media Sandwich Episode 21

Firefilm | 11 Sep 2012 09:00
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Ma Parents Weres Killed: On today's very special PAX Prime 2012 wrap-up, Chris and Kyle are joined by the last part of the No Right Answer trifecta, Dan Epstein, along with Chris' wife Sharayah and Kyle's soon-to-be wife Rosely, all so they can properly geek out about PAX and everything they collectively saw at the expo, including panels, games, and cosplay galore.

Plus, we learn what Batman would have been like had his parents been poor country folk rather than rich Gothamites. The insanity is palpable here, but at least we're not stuck in the Polyclinic. Oh wait, you don't get that joke ... because you haven't listened to the episode yet!

P.S. Chris will be at The Escapist Expo this week. Oh man! I bet he hasn't mentioned that yet! Check out the Expo's website for more details!

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