The Escapist Film Festival 2009
Employee of the Month

HazamArakune | 11 Dec 2009 00:00
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"Employee of the Month" is a web series created in the style of a sitcom. The location for the show is a video game store that resides between the real world and the video game world. This is portrayed by the customers in the store being video game characters and the employees being humans with video qualities (such as levels, classes and abilities). The premise of the show is based on its title; if an employee receives the rank of "Employee of the Month" twelve times, them he/she gets the title of "Gamer of the Year" and transcends from being a human with video games qualities to being a genuine video game character. Along the way to receiving this title, the characters will level up, gain new abilities, upgrade class-types and get up to some slightly surreal shenanigans.

Unfortunately for us, we were only aware of the Escapist Film Festival four days ago and have been working since to produce the pilot for our idea to send in for the competition. If this project wins the very prestigious Escapist Film Festival, to get the best out of our abilities, the show would release a new episode fortnightly. We guarantee that if we are selected as winners of the competition, "Employee of the Month" will strive to become the highest quality product the escapist has to offer. As well as this, there would be considerable improvements to the equipment/software used to make each episode.

Written, directed and produced by: Jak 'Wesker' Moore, Brock Elwick and Ben Chaves.
Jak ' Wesker' Moore as "Jak"
Brock Elwick as "Brock"
Ben Chaves as "Ben"
Mark Leedell as "Mark"
Chloe O'Neill as "Chloe"
Sam Falkiner as "Sam"
Special thanks to Savino Falcone, Joe Novelli, Stephen Henthorn, Mitch Wodcke and Cassiah Joski-Jethi for being our extras.
And special thanks to Mark Watkins and Nick Powell for allowing us to film in our local "GAME" store.