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PAX East 2013 - Dorks vs. Sports Panel

Greg Tito | 27 Mar 2013 12:00
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Many who call themselves dorks want a high wall around their culture keeping everyone out. Jocks or athletically-minded individuals in school might have terrorized those who played Magic or Mario, but some nerds have responded by heaping just as much abuse upon those among us who happen to enjoy a sports contest or two. And that's just wrong. It's perfectly normal for a guy or a girl who likes playing with elves and orcs to also enjoy a baseball game or, Cthulhu forbid, the Olympics. In this discussion of individuals who happen to be both geeks and sports fanatics, we'll talk about the similarities between sports and nerd culture - from the dedicated cosplayers to the unholy obsession with stats - and how we nerds should embrace sports fans as kindred spirits, not shun them as enemies.

Greg Tito, Senior Editor of The Escapist
R. A. Salvatore, Author
Jason Schreier, Writer for Kotaku
Rob Zacny, Freelance Journalist
Sean Sands, Gamers With Jobs